Monday, 5 June 2017

Review: 3rd Rock Strider Trousers

If you're looking for a trouser that will let you rock over with ease while providing comfort, fashion and performance then look no further, the 3rd Rock Strider could be just what you're looking for.

3rd Rock are a relatively young company in the world of climbing and outdoor brands. Started in 2010 by Jessica Mor, a fashion designer and climber who wanted to create a clothing brand that was eco-friendly and cared about the environment it produced clothing for. 3rd Rock only use organic cotton and recycle all fibres where possible, they believe in looking after the planet and their brand ethos is a commitment to that. 

They now produce a whole range of clothing designed for yogaheads, climbers and general outdoorsy folk, all carrying that same philosophy: hard-wearing and friendly to the environment. With this being a blog about all things climbing, walking and outdoors I went for a pair of Striders, their do-it-all trouser with a focus on climbing.

Size (as always) is crucial and there were plenty of links to size charts and tips for making sure the size was spot on all over 3rd Rock's website, I went for the XL/36" waist trousers as this is what I go for in jeans and they're spot on, not too tight and not too loose with a bit of stretch in the waist to keep them up. Fit wise, they're generous through the leg, with knee articulation and a non-adjustable ankle cuff that sits well on street or climbing shoes. Reinforced bottom and knees along with tough belt loops and YKK zippers makes everything a that little bit more suited to the world of climbing, where durability is key.

Now what happened when they were dragged up some proper Devonshire granite...

From the walk-in through to topping out these trousers have been comfortable all the way, the cotton is soft to the touch, breathes well when pulling hard and the stretch allows for any movement that would have been restricted in normal outdoor trousers.

From a durability perspective these trousers have been brilliant, they still look new after a few months of use both on real rock and artificial walls too where the surface can wear through footwear and clothing with ease.

The features of the trousers have performed well, there's no feeling of restraint while climbing in the Striders and the articulation is spot on. A few pockets keep a phone or finger tape close while climbing and help make them usable as an everyday pair of trousers rather than a pair only destined for crags or walls.

Overall I've been really impressed with the Strider pants from 3rd Rock, they're incredibly well made, thought-out and comfy - all that can be asked of with a pair of climbing trousers. Some may not like the price tag but for the quality and brand's commitment to looking after the planet I'd say they're worth every penny.

Thanks for checking out my review, if you'd like to see more of what 3rd Rock are creating head over to or check out their social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

A huge thank you to 3rd Rock who were kind enough to provide me with a pair of trousers to review. 

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