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Review: Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trousers

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A heavy trouser designed for trekking, bushcraft and general outdoor use. Made with Fjallraven's legendary G-1000 fabric, these trousers should stand up to the gnarly Dartmoor weather with ease. Fjallraven have been very busy for the past 50 years, developing some of the toughest gear in the outdoor market and it all started with a 14 year old who didn't like his backpack! 

The Vidda Pro trousers have plenty of pockets for anything from maps to axes, buttoned leg endings and reinforced knees and bum to keep the trousers performing for longer. They're a no-nonsense trouser, tough and heavy; weighing in at 567g - a couple of hundred grams heavier than the Montane Terra Pants. 

Manufacturer's Description: 
  • Durable trekking trousers for many adventures in the mountains and forests. Made from durable, wind and water resistant G-1000 with double reinforcements over the rear and knees. Mid waist and classic fit with pre-shaped knees. 7 pockets, including a map pocket, axe pocket and inner safety pocket. Elastic, buttoned leg endings.
Technical Features:
  • Fabric: G-1000, 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
  • Mid-waist and regular fit with pre-shaped knees.
  • Reinforced bum & knees
  • Hand pocket, map pocket, multi-tool pocket and internal phone pocket.
  • Pocket in knee for kneepad.
  • Adjustable leg bottom.
  • Leather details.
Feature Breakdown:

The G-1000 fabric as a material for clothing came about after the Fjallraven founder discovered it was too heavy to be turned into tents. After treating the fabric with Greenland Wax, a combination of paraffin and beeswax, it took on brilliant waterproof and breathable qualities. From there multiple types of the fabric have been created suited to different uses, these trousers are made with the standard G-1000 fabric. The cut of the trousers is great, longer than most but they're designed with kneeling and flexibility in mind. Plenty of pockets on the sides and front of the trouser, great for bushcraft and camping when you can never have too many pockets. 

Simple, practical and strong.

Field Testing:

The buttoned leg bottom stops the trouser dragging on the floor.
I really love the fit of these trousers, even with trainers or shoes on, the extra length is nice and while there's some baggy bits around the ankle, generally it's difficult to pick any fault with Fjallraven's decision to make them longer. When pottering around the campsite or doing some bushcraft the position of the trousers while sitting and kneeling is great, they don't ride up around the crotch or let your ankles feel the weather, subtle but it makes them that little bit more comfy. 

The fabric is seriously strong, partnered with the build quality of Fjallraven, these are very trustworthy trousers. They're heavy enough so you feel them but I prefer that compared to a pair of trousers with billow around when the wind picks up.  

Something to remember with the G-1000 fabric is that you can wax it to increase its waterproof properties, as we move into summer I'm going to hold back on waxing mine as it's also increases the insulation they provide. It's great to have a product which you can adapt to different environments, it helps makes the Vidda Pro trouser a true all-rounder. 

So many pockets! Two hand pockets, 3 side pockets including a mobile phone pocket and a tool pocket, great for an axe or saw. These aren't quite so necessary for walkers but for those who enjoy camping or spending time in the woods these pockets are great, easily accessible and well positioned too. 
Extra material around the knees and bum, very important areas.
Long-Term Use:

As time goes on with the Vidda Pro Pants I'm becoming a real fan of Fjallraven. These pants are tough, well thought out and reliable in the foulest of weather, they're a little warm in the sun but when stationary or in the shade the G-1000 material kept me the perfect temperature. 

I'd recommend trying some on if you're thinking of getting a pair, the Fjallraven cut is longer than most and their sizing can be confusing: I wore a size 54 in review which translates to 37 inches.

I'd definitely recommend the Fjallraven Vidda Pro Pants to a friend. 


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