Monday, 25 July 2016

Review: Corrymoor Socks

- The kind folks at Corrymoor provided socks for the purpose of review -

Socks, socks, socks... Where to begin? The importance of finding the correct sock is just as important as the shoe, boot or sandal you're choosing to wear outside. It has the power to keep your foot cool, comfortable and ready to be walked on the next day. There's a couple of big brands in the outdoor world who seem to have a vice like grip on socks, great if you're happy with the socks they make but I'm always on the look out for something new, something different and something a little more local.

I read about Corrymoor in a news article recently; a company from Devon making socks that never smell with a type of wool I'd never heard of, I had to reach out to them to see what they were all about. They were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs, 1 for hillwalking and use with a boot and another for running in. Here's how I got on with them...

First impressions were good, there's a whole range of colours and types to choose from on the website, I went with the Companion for walking and the Sprint for running. 

Size wise they're pretty true to the website description, I wear a 10.5 shoe or boot and went with size medium, better to have them snug then extra fabric bunching around the toes. 

For the first few hours of use I was aware I had them on, not uncomfortable but noticeable enough. After softening up with a bit of use this feeling passed and they became comfortable. After walking 18 miles in my running shoes (no waterproof lining) with the Sprint sock I didn't notice any moisture at the end of the day, a great sign of a sock that can wick it away and keep the foot dry.

For the Companion I decided a stretch of the South West Coast Path would be a good a test as any and they handled it well, a similar start in terms of comfort and needing to soften slightly but after that they were great. 

A big part of the Corrymoor sock promise is that they don't smell, I decided to put trust in their claim and get up close and personal with my socks after a few days use in a row.. I'm happy to say that while they didn't smell of roses they certainly didn't smell bad!

I've been happy with how the socks have performed and they've been out and about with me regularly over the past couple of months. There's no signs of wear and tear and they're still a great fit even after a few washes. Great stuff!

For more information check out their website by clicking here.

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