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Review: 66 North Egill Baselayer

- Product provided for the purpose of review, with thanks -

Lightweight baselayer featured Polartec Power Wool, a unique hybrid of natural and synthetic fibres.

Manufacturer's Description: "Athletic-shaped long sleeved turtle neck fabricated in Polartec® Power Wool® that evaporates moisture away from the body to keep it dry and comfortable. The Egill Powerwool Zip Neck is a light base layer top. It is our lightest style made in Powerwool fabric. It has grid backing to help regulate the body temperature. The Egill is perfect for running outside in moderate temperatures."

  • Polartec Power Wool
  • Grid Backing
  • Athletic Fit
  • High wicking properties
  • Naturally odour resistant

How the Power Wool works...

Feature Breakdown:

A lightweight, hybrid baselayer designed to bring the best of both worlds when it comes to the argument between natural & synthetic fibres in outdoor equipment. There's no glue involved with Polartec Power Wool, just clever weaving and the end result is a wool inner and synthetic outer. Benefits of wool include its anti-odour resistance and breathability while the positives of a synthetic layer include shape consistency, quick dry time and toughness. Together, in theory they should create the perfect balance, let's see how the Egill performed...

Field Testing: 

The first test, a cool but rainy December day... Hardshell on along with t-shirt and the Egill, plenty of layers on a mild day but I wanted to see how well the baselayer wicked sweat away from me during periods of activity, as well as the comfort it provided while stationary.

The first thing I noticed was the cut of the Egill, shorter than most baselayers I've used which caused some comfort issues, I prefer a longer cut so there's no chance of it riding up while bending down. 

From a technical perspective the baselayer exceeded expectations, I felt comfortable all day with little to no moisture build up under my shell. The hybrid of materials works well with the inner of the Egill very comfortable against the skin while the outer is tough and durable - good to know when using with a rucksack which can easily wear through 100% wool layers.

The wrist cuffs are nice and large, roomy enough to slide easily over a technical watch but with some stretch in them to keep them close to the skin and keep the draft out.

Another feature of the Egill is the front quarter zip, with a very minimalist design it almost disappears when fully done up but slides smoothly if a bit of extra breathability is needed. A simple feature but one that many baselayers would benefit from having.

The next big test for the Egill was a chilly January morning, I was heading off climbing and needed a layer to keep me warm while belaying and regulate my temperature while climbing. 

Once again the Egill performed well, I didn't notice any build up of sweat and certainly didn't find myself shivering while standing around belaying. The cut of the baselayer wasn't as much of an issue as I thought it might be while climbing, it stayed in a similar place even while reaching above and to the left and right. 

My third test for the Egill, a run on a cold, winter evening. The combination of sweat and low temperature would test the hardiest of baselayers, with the need for breathability high as well as the need for the baselayer to dry quickly.

The Egill performed well, throughout my run I was a comfortable temperature without overheating and while cooling down I found my temperature stayed pretty constant. The baselayer quickly dried off, even in the moist atmosphere we're experiencing at the moment. 

Long-term Use:

Over the past few weeks I've grown to really appreciate the Egill and what it offers in terms of comfort and performance when out and about. The new technology, Power Wool (by Polartec) works well and is something I'm going to keep my eye on over the coming years.

Hybrid baselayers are growing in popularity and I can see why. The best of both worlds makes this style of baselayer more versatile than fully synthetic or natural products.

Overall I'd recommend the Egill by 66 North to a friend.


If you're interested in checking out more of what 66 North offer than check out their website.

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