Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review: Victorinox Forester Knife

Review time... This week it's a variation of the classic Swiss Army Knife, the Forester edition, made by Victorinox.

RRP - £30.95
Weight - 136g

Victorinox description - "The capable forest worker in pocket format"

Initial thoughts

Really nice balance in the hand with this knife, it sits comfortably in the palm and isn't too heavy. Victorinox more so than most makes has a reputation for hard wearing and tough equipment, this knife feels solid straight away but I'll make sure it gets tested to its full ability. 

Looks mean too! Love the matt black colour of Swiss Army Knives.

Field testing 

I've had this knife for a couple of years now so it's been used in plenty of situations ranging from household bits to cutting up branches by Scottish lakes. The blade stays sharp for a long time so the steel is great quality and it's still very solid without the lock mechanism showing signs of wear - this is due to the uncomplicated mechanism and that's all it needs to be!

The blade is very large, around the 3" mark - sometimes this can draw unwanted attention when working with groups as it can be a bit scary! I think if you know good knife safety and the law regarding pocket knife blades then this isn't an issue - it's only when knives are in the wrong hands they become a weapon. 

When looking for a new knife I sometimes decide on the category and then style, etc.. With this knife I had originally set out for a basic Swiss Army Knife without the locking blade but I had a love at first sight moment! The lock is really handy when working with branches and bigger pieces of wood, takes some of the risk out of it. 

All the tools still feel really nice even after some not-so-careful use by the young people I work with, the knife still feels like new and I can't see it faltering anytime soon! 

Positive points


Good price
Locking blade
Reliable brand
Blades stays sharp

Not-so-positive points

Length of the blade but that's my own fault for buying such a big knife!


If you're on the hunt for a new locking blade and don't want to spend loads of money but still want a reliable piece of kit then this is the knife for you! It's super, does exactly what it says on the tin and doesn't show a sign of weakness. 

Couldn't recommend a piece of kit more than this one! Definitely recommend to everyone! Friends and family! 


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